Art. No. 22 02 77

Backpack „VDE Plus"
1000 V

Tool backpack not only for the trainee, base shell rubber reinforced, double cross seam for high load. Colour: black/green.

Backpack empty: Art. no. 220275

Contents: (21-pieces)
• 2C-VDE-Cable cutters 200 mm
• 2C-VDE-Telephone pliers straight, 200 mm
• 2C-VDE-Wire stripping pliers 160 mm
• VDE-Cable knife, straight blade, 50 mm
• 2C-VDE-Combination pliers 185 mm
• 2C-VDE-Side cutters 165 mm
• 2C-Replaceable blade system „Vario“, 1000 V, 10 pcs.
• Voltage tester „Profi“ 12 - 690 V
• Test Pen „Basic“
• NH-safety fuse grip
• Electricians‘ protection helmet
• Safety-face mask

Quality and Safety is most important in the Electrical Field. Therefore all HAUPA-VDE hand tools pass "individually" through a 10.000 volt waterbath in order to test the insulation-attribute. Our VDE-tools are subject to very strong test-prescriptions and have therefore the right to cover Safety-Signs.
The tests include for example:
- Pressure
- Flame resistance
- Adhesive strength of PVC coating
- Cold-heading
- Voltage
- Insulating properties

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