Art. no. 103826

Voltage tester “Profi LCDplus II"

Two-pole voltage tester with LED display.

The “Profi LCDplus II” is the new top model in our tried and tested professional series. The innovative two-pole voltage tester is characterised by a wide performance spectrum and practical one-handed operation. It enables testing without finger contact and, thanks to the high CAT IV 1000 V safety level, is suitable with immediate effect for taking measurements on hybrid and electrical vehicles as well as for photovoltaic systems.
Functions and benefits:
- Highest CAT IV 1000 V safety level
- Large, illuminated LCD
- Voltage display up to 1000 V AC and 1400 V DC
- Resistance measurement up to 1999 O
- Frequency display up to 1000 Hz

Technical data Profi LCDplus II
Display Optical, LCD
Measuring range: Automatic
Over-voltage category: CAT IV 1,000 V
Dimensions: 300 x 75 x 20 m
Weight: 270 g
Colour: Red/black
Scope of delivery: Including batteries
Accessories (optional): Carry bag
Voltage range: 3–1000 V AC (TRMS/RMS)
4–1400 V DC
Throughput check: 0–50 O with acoustic signal
Phase display: > 100 V AC
Voltage supply: 2 x 1.5 V AAA (display of voltages is
possible even without batteries)
Polarity: Yes (- in LCD)
PELV display: Optical, acoustic and vibrating
Protection class: IP 65
Standard: EN 61243-3:2010
Resistance measurement: 1–1999 O
Frequency measurement: 0-1000 Hz
Data-hold: Voltage and resistance
Automatic power off function: Yes
FI/RCD test: 30 mA at 230 V AC using two buttons
Single-pole phase test: Yes
Two-pole phase-sequence test: Yes
Illumination of measuring point: White LED
4-mm test tip adapter: Can be unscrewed
Guarantee: 5 years

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