Art. no. 10 18 79
VDE 2-component screwdriver with
PZ slot profile

Area of application for PZ/FL profile
The screws are mainly used in electrical installation in automatic circuit breakers and safety switches


Specifications and advantages of the PZ/FL profile
The PZ/FL profile can only be used for combination screws that were previously screwed with a slot or recessed head PZ type screwdriver. The screws have an inner PZ profile with an additional cross slot that also allows it to be screwed with a slot screwdriver.

Content: (2-pieces)
Art. no. 101870
Art. no. 101872

Size 1 + 2

Screw driver range according to the new VDE Norm. All blades are made of high quality molybdenum vanadium steel, black, red-covered, Polypropylen moulded. This ergonomic moulded 2-component-tacks from PP/TPE material guarantees a high security with normal power transmission. Every screw driver is individually tested and marked according to the new VDE-Norm.

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