Art. no. 12 00 22

Safety trousers IPS
acc. to DIN VDE 0680 part 1 E

band trousers, adjustable elastic braces, outside pocket with plate, colour signalred, similar to DIN IEC 304, 500 volt
Size: S, M, L, XL
Art. no. 150300 bag for storing

This suit conforms with the requirements of DIN VDE 0680/Part 1. It provides protection against electric currents through the body and the effect of arcing faults in existing electrical voltages. The suit has been approved for work on live electrical parts up to 500V AC and 750 V DC. The suit must be checked out before each use and must always be completely closed up.
The clothing items are tested at a test voltage of 1.500 V. Before each use the complete suit must be checked for external damage
and may only be used if it is completely undamaged. Damage can be repaired in our factory. When ordering please be sure to give the made-up size.

Sales arguments
High-quality, long-lasting material, good freedom-of-movement and optimal ventilation
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