Art. no. 21 12 03 - 07
An overview about the complete VDE 2 component pliers sortiment you find here (PDF)

Side cutting pliers with
stripping function

Swedish design, power class H, C 60.

Swedish design, power class H, C 60, oil-hardened, induction hardened blades, for hard and soft wire up to 200 kp/mm²
(N 2000), high-gloss chrome plated, push-on grips. Aside from their traditional advantages, these side cutting pliers
also possess an additional wire stripping function.

Art. no.
Length mm

Quality and Safety is most important in the Electrical Field. Therefore all HAUPA-VDE hand tools pass "individually" through a 10.000 volt waterbath in order to test the insulation-attribute. Our VDE-tools are subject to very strong test-prescriptions and have therefore the right to cover Safety-Signs.
The tests according to the EN 60900 (IEC 900) include for example:
- Pressure
- Flame resistance
- Adhesive strength of PVC coating
- Cold-heading
- Voltage
- Insulating properties

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