Art. no. 10 40 06
HAUPA ratchet screwdriver set

Ratchet screwdriver with right/left hand motion. Adjustable operating angle of 180°.

Safety and special bit set - top quality S2! The screwing grasp also Quick change penholder and 2-components Handle provides for anti-slip and fatiguefree working. The ergonomic form and the soft zones within the pressure area range make a relaxed possible screws. With hanging up hole.

Only for 1/4", = 25 mm Bits.
• Ratchet function
• Left/clockwise rotation adjustable
• Bending bar: 0°– 45°– 90°
• Ergonomic working within restrained ranges
• S2 steel industry bit for nearly all applications
• 2-components handle
• 55 bits and 1 adapter for ¼“ nut

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