Art. no. 21 18 75
ESD Electronic side cutter
without cutting-facet

normal construction, head width 14 mm
without chamfer, special tool steel

Length: 115 mm

HAUPA Quality
since over 50 years

• Elegant, ergonomically shaped, non-slip 2-component handle ensures comfortable and precise working
• Special tool steel, forged and tempered, edges hardened (58 ± 2HRC)
• Surface resistance 10.9 Ohm, in accordance with electronics area ESD
• Each mechanism checked
• precision pliers for meticulous assembly work for example in electronics and precision engineering
• for picking up, holding and bending
• model with electric discharging
• precision hinges
• smooth handle surfaces
• low-friction double spring for smooth and steady opening
• handles with two-coloured multi-component handle covers black/green
• special tool steel

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