Art. no. 20 00 39



Specially constructed for stripping-off computer- and control-cable.

• For stripping round cables Ø 5 - 15 mm
• For stripping various cable types, e.g. IBM Type 1, Type 2, flexible cables, etc.
• For stripping PVC insulated data, communication and control cables
• With stripping tool for cables and litz wire from 0.2 - 4 mm²
• Blades, titanium nitride coated, thanks to the higher cutting speed
• Lower wear, increased durability
• No need to set blades required to cutting depth
• TÜV / GS tested

How to use:
• For removing the exterior protective sleeve
• Junctions and distribution boxes
• For lengthwise and circular cuts
• Round PVC cable/wet room cable/ribbon and flat cable
• Power lines/telecommunication lines, system data cables
• Co-axial and bell round cable/fibre optics cable
• Short-circuit proof lines/photovoltaic systems

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