Art. no. 21 07 67 + 21 16 80

Crimping pliers for coaxial connections

Heavy construction, with locking device, with adjustable crimp pressure, chrome plated, hexagon crimping.

Art. no. crimp
210767 RG 58-59-62-6   
211680 RG 55-58-59-62   

Crimping pliers for uninsulated open brass cable lugs
We distinguish between wire crimps and insulation crimps. The end of the wire should be flush with the wire crimp or extend beyond it no further than 1 mm, so that the plug function is not affected. The insulation end must not project into the wire crimp, however it must
also not lie just half beneath the insulation crimp. Only in this way can a standard-compliant crimp be ensured. In a good crimp the wire must be deformed. In this case one talks of a“gastight crimp”. To ensure precise crimping of open plug-in connections, locators can
be attached to the pliers.

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