Art. no. 21 07 72 + 21 07 74

Crimping pliers

Lever translated version for better transmission of force, with mandrel pressing, for standard tubular cable lugs and connectors. Particularly well suited to nickel tubular cable lugs and connectors.

Art. no. mm²
210772 1 - 10
210774 1 - 6

Crimping pliers for uninsulated tubular cable lugs
1. Choosing the connector
To achieve a standard-compliant connection it is necessary to choose the correct connector for the application and the right cable cross section.
2. Stripping
Before notching, the cable must be stripped according to the insertion length (+10% due to change in length of the crimping sleeve.
3. Cleaning
The ends of the wire must be cleaned thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt and oxidation before being assembled.
4. Assembly
Insert the cable into the cable lug or connector to its full insertion length. Crimp the cable lug or connector with the correct tool, taking account of the crimping direction.

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