Art. no. 21 08 19 + 21 18 10

Front-Crimping pliers

Precise square crimping profile, automatic adjustment on wire diameter, frontal approach allows working in small areas, sidewise approach for end sleeves up to 2.5 mm², with locking device, high transmission and ergonomically formed plastic handle.

Art. no. mm²
210819 0.08 - 10 square
211810 0.08 - 16 square

Crimping pliers for end sleeves
When crimping end sleeves a distinction is made between sleeves with and without plastic collars and between trapezoid and square crimping. The sleeves with a plastic collar make it easier to insert individual stranded wires. The coloured marking on the wire end sleeves is used to classify the cross section. Pliers with a square crimp ensure better contact in the terminal strip. The square crimp also facilitates alignment and assembly, as clamps can be attached to each of the surfaces.

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