Art. no. 21 16 57 + 21 16 59

Crimping pliers

With locking device, with adjustable crimp pressure,
chrome plated square crimp (MC3), roll crimp (MC4).

Art. no. mm²
211657 6.0 chrome plated square crimp MC3
211659 6.0 roll crimp MC4

Photovoltaics is the direct conversion of light energy into electrical energy by means of solar cells. This method has been in use as an energy supplier in the majority of space vehicles since 1958. Since then it has been implemented on Earth as a method of power
generation and is used, among other things, on roof surfaces, for ticket machines, in pocket calculators, on sound damping walls and on open spaces.

The photovoltaic energy conversion is carried out with the assistance of solar cells that are connected in order to form solar modules in photovoltaic plants. The generated electricity can be stored on site in accumulators or fed into the power network. If the energy is fed into
the public power network then the direct current generated by the solar cells with be converted by a converter into alternating current. In order to constantly make energy available, the energy must be stored.

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