Art. no. 21 57 70

Battery powerd crimping tool

For interchangeable crimping headstock, crimping head 180° swivelling, manual return flow after perfect pressure


Extent of supply:
1 crimping tool
1 charger
1 battery
1 strap
in light plastic box
without crimping headstock

• Pressing force in kN: 60 kN
• Working pressure in bar: 700
• Head can be opened • Pressing width: slim
• Cable lugs: standard Cu 10-185 • DIN Cu 10-185
• Connectors: standard Cu 10-185 • DIN Cu 10-185
• Pressing time, battery-operated in seconds: 5
• Battery charging time in minutes: 60
• Battery type: Li-Ion, 18 V, 2 Ah
• Weight in kg without batterie: 2,1 • Weight of set in kg with batterie: 7,9

Hydraulic crimping tools are made from high quality materials and are characterised by qualitatively perfect processing of the connectors. The working heads can be turned 180° to allow the respective operation to be executed.
The crimping tools must never be used without the crimping inserts.
This could cause serious damage. The quality of the crimped connection is dependent on the choice of cable lug, the crimp inset and the correct choice of cable cross section. All the crimping insets used in these models are semi-circular, regardless of the type of crimping. They consist of two connectable parts with identical outer dimensions, so that they can be placed either in the piston or the head.The procedure for inserting the crimping insets is identical for assembly in both the piston and the head. The crimping insets are compatible for all crimping tools of this type.

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