Art. no. 20 00 73 - 99

Cable cutter

For cutting Cu / Al cables, fine and multi-wiring.

• For cutting Cu/Al cables, fine and multi-wiring
• Surface-ground, rust-protected blades made from annealed chrome vanadium steel
• Impact-proof coated, hardened handle tubes, sickle-shaped rounded blades
• Highest stability with the lowest own weight

Art. no. TL mm Ø mm mm²
200073 300 20 120
200073/MK cutting head
200095 530 35 185
200095/MK cutting head
200099 780 50 400
200099/MK cutting head

In cutting, a distinction is made between a drawing cut and a pushing cut. When the cutting motion is carried out at an angle to the tool, this is a drawing cut. However, if the cutting motion is carried out vertically to the tool this is a pushing cut.

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