Art. no. 20 10 00

Cable cutter with a snap

One-handed cable cutters for fine wire cables only.

• Two-stage adjustment mechanism (patent)
• Low force required
• Laser-cut components
• CNC-ground cutting
• Inductively hardened blades
• Adjustable screw joint
• Telephone cable maximum Ø 26.1 mm = 120 mm²
• Cu fine wire cable, maximum Ø 18.9 mm = 120 mm²
• Length: 230 mm
• Ø 18,9 mm
• 12 mm²

A patented twinstage adjustment mechanism brings the handles of the tool to a position that is perfect for the development of the full force of the hand even while the cutting jaws are wide open.By this means, even cables with large crosssections can be cut in a forceful and fast manner with a single hand without unduly excess labour.

Dimension of handle without the application of the grip adjustment mechanism Hand-force optimised through grip adjustment First cutting phase Grip adjustment Second cutting phase

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