Art. no. 21 63 48

Hydraulic foot pump „F-700“

Material: aluminium alloy, light design, twin-cam pump, automatic switching from closing (ca. 25 ccm/Hub) to working feed rate (ca. 2.5 ccm/Hub), security valve, max. working pressure 700 bar (+ 10/- 30 bar), without hose, with quick coupling.

The hydraulic foot pump has been conceived and designed as a light con-
struction and essentially consists of an aluminium alloy. It operates as a double piston foot pump with automatic changeover from fast feed (about 25 ccm per stroke)to the working feed (about 2.5 ccm per stroke). The pump is also provided with a pressure relief valve which prevents the operating pressure from exceeding the maximum value. The operating pressure is set in the factory to 700 bar +10/-30 bar.
Adapted dies: Art. No. 216415
Adapted hose:
Art. No. 216238 - 44
Technical data
Max.operating pressure: 700 bar working steps: 13
Height/Width/Length: 170 mm/195 mm/650 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Operating range: -30° to 80 ° C
Protection of the metal parts 40 hrs. in a saline environment at 40° C

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