Art. no. 21 63 52

Electro-hydraulic pump „PN700 l“

Electric foot switch, completely self-acting, also the release of the dies at the end of the operation, 2 m high pressure tube and hydraulic connectors, for industrial uses, where a high level of production is needed, 220 volt, with foot switch control, pump in a practical, resistant case for working outside.

The electro-hydraulic pump is a single-stage radial piston battery pump. All hydraulic tools can be operated at up to an operating pressure which is limited to 700 bar. The hydraulic system is hermetically sealed. For this reason the pump can be transported in any position without the danger of oil escaping. During operation the pump should however be standing as horizontally as possible to avoid the drawing- in of air whilst utilising the maximum available oil quantity of 0.5 litres. The remote controller, hand or foot switch is connected to the four-pin socket on the front panel. The cut-off pressure is preset as standard to 700 bar.In the factory it can be set to up to 850 bar. The pump is virtually maintenance-free.An oil change is recommended every 2 to 4 years depending on the operating time.

Technical data
Operating pressure:
700 bar (can be set in factory to 150 – 850 bar)
Delivery capacity: 0.4 l/min
(LxWxH) 280 mm/280 mm/370 mm
Weight: 41 kg
Voltage supply: 230 V/370 W
Operating range: -30 ° to 80 ° C

Adapted dies:
Art. no. 216415

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