HAUPA was founded by Hans-Udo Pass in Remscheid, a town in the region of "Bergisches Land". The tool industry has had a long tradition in this area. Therefore it was only logical to trade in tools and to make HAUPA a name in the tool market. It is the primary aim of the company to supply electricians with excellent quality tools.
1. Catalogue

HAUPA publishes the first catalogue with the motto "HAUPA tools – quality electricians can rely on.“
New Office-Center
HAUPA moves into a new building. After several extensions this building still houses the company's head office. Construction work is under way, because new activities require more space.
HAUPA Austria

HAUPA extends its business activities and sucessfully enters the Austrian market. The successful development leads to the establishment of HAUPA Austria in 1974. The product range is expanded to solderless cable connections. HAUPA can now provide everything the electrician needs.
HAUPA Ibérica

HAUPA expands its activities to the Spanish market. HAUPA Ibérica S.L. is established as a subsidiary and performs exceedingly well.

Complete modification of HAUPA Main Office Remscheid
HAUPA is well-equipped for the millenium. The sales software is euro-compatible and year 2000 compliant; the catalogue is published simultaneously in eight languages. The construction of the new administration building is finished. And HAUPA is now present in the Internet.
HAUPA Russia
Customer liaison and support by HAUPA assistent in Russia and former GUS states.
HAUPA Polska
HAUPA react to the great inquiries in Eastern Europe and established 2003 a branch in Poland.
HAUPA Polska in Trzbnica near Breslau (Wroclaw) is with its employees responsible for the big customer base in Poland.
HAUPA Baltics

The interest for HAUPA high quality tools and cable connecting technical is growing in the Baltic too.
HAUPA Baltics in Vilnius (Lithuania) coordinates the sales and the customer care in the Baltic States Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

HAUPA Balkan
HAUPA S.E.E. d.o.o. (Sarajevo) coordinates the sales and the customer care in the countries Slowenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo.
HAUPA Ukraine
Customer liaison and support by HAUPA assistent in Ukraine.
New building
With the acquisition of adjacent land HAUPA builds a 4-story annex with 1500 m² of additional storage space. A spacious, new elevator connecting all floors and the old warehouses with the goods today. Due to the large ramp at the receiving access to their extensive to Königsstraße HAUPA is finally for all carriers within easy reach.
50 years HAUPA
On 01/07/2011 HAUPA celebrated the biggest party since the founding of the company. Employees from 13 nations, long-term companions and the entire workforce HAUPA have a party that no one will forget. Thank you Hans-Udo Paas and family!


• Foundation of the first Flagship-Store in Serbia

iCON by HAUPA has the task to speed up the sales in Serbia. iCON is taking over the function of the importer for our wholesalers in Serbia. In the HAUPA Profi store our wholesale partners as well as the craftsmen can get an overview of the wide range of HAUPA high quality products.

• HAUPA is building a
fully automatic rack
stock system.
In the central stock in Remscheid, Germany we build on 1500 qm with 14 m hight an automatic rack stock. Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP towers has been established, so that the goods now come to the workers. The logistic ways have been extremely shortened and the picking time is reduced big way.