Tool case trolley “Extreme”

Empty, waterproof and perfectly sealed thanks to the embedded neoprene O rings and pressure relief valve, this case provides absolute protection for your tools. Manufactured from durable, light polypropylene, it is equipped with tough locks and an ergonomic handle. These are ideal for use in harsher environments, e.g. in the industrial, aviation, military and marine sectors.
• Waterproof polypropylene case
• Waterproof and airtight according to IP 67
• Airworthy
• Extendible handle for trolley function
• Stackable
• Corrosion-resistant, sand and dust-tight
• Corrosion-resistant metal hinge
• Shock and crushproof
• For use in temperatures between -33°C and +90°C
• Ergonomic and rubberised handle
• Sturdy and user-friendly locks
• Manual pressure relief valve
• Embedded O ring seal in the lid

Art.No. Model Material Set Width Height Depth With shoulder strip Signal-red Padlock shackle VPE
220299 Case Plastic empty 517 mm 277 mm 217 mm No No Yes 1