Torch brazing set SolderingKit

12-pieces, for pocket lighter butane gas, for operation without disruptive cables, where electrical power is impossible, replaceable attachments for heat shrinking work, micro-welding and cutting plastic film and panels, with Piezo ignition, heating time: +/- 25 seconds (peak), performance can be infinitely regulated, temperatures with naked flame up to bis 1200 °C, brazing up to 550 °C, heat shrinking up to 680 °C, burn time approximately 60 minutes, in black plastic case.

• Torch brazing piston
• Sealing cap
• Solder dispenser
• Flame nozzle 3.5 mm ø for micro-welding
• Hot knife 12.5 mm blade width for cutting and shaping plastic and hard foams
• Solder tip 3 mm, angled on one side (ellipsis shaped)
• Solder tip 3.5 mm angled on both sides (chisel shaped)
• Heat reflector for heat shrinking
• Wrench 7 mm for mounting solder tip
• Wrench 8 mm for mounting solder tip
• Cleaning sponge with sponge case 40 x 40 mm
• Solder tip with pencil tip

Quantity Art.No. EAN Nominal powerWarm-up periodOperating time with gas chargeIgnitionMax. temperatureSoldering tip shapeType of soldering tipWeightPU
262098 4011923591571 10 - 60 W 20 s 60 min Piezo 1200 °C Set Continuous soldering tip 670 g 1