Soft-faced hammer with 3-component handle

Soft-faced hammer with 3-component high-safety handle and steel middle element. Ideal for firm yet gentle hammering during installation work, alignment and attachment. White polyamide inserts

are connected to the middle part by means of a dual-locking attachment system; this guarantees absolute safety at work. The inserts can be replaced and ordered separately. The high-safety

handle comprises 3 components that are permanently connected to one another! The inner core is made of an aluminium alloy. A polyamide plastic (A2800) that is ultra-resistant to oils and

solvents and also the non-slip rubber handle are moulded around this. Note: Not recoil-free!


• Shock-absorbing, therefore gentle on the joints

• Dual-locking attachment system of the polyamide inserts

• High-safety handle is indestructible

• The handle is permanently connected to the hammer head

• Non-slip handle allows ergonomic and safe work

• Highest possible level of safety

Quantity Art.No. EAN ModelMaterial stickNon-reboundDiameterPU
180336 4011923062859 Plastic hammer Wood No 32 1
180337 4011923626365 Replacement head No 32 1
180338 4011923062866 Plastic hammer Wood No 40 1
180339 4011923626372 Replacement head No 40 1

Plastic hammer Ø 32 mm

with replaceable cellidor striking faces and ash handle.

180346: Replacement head

Quantity Art.No. EAN ModelMaterial stickNon-reboundDiameterPU
180334 4011923062842 Plastic hammer Wood No 32 1
180346 4011923062903 No 32 1