Data sheet
HAUPA seal
Art.No. 201086

Cable cutter

Cable cutter
Isolation protection 1000 VNo
max. wire cross sections8 mm
max. wire cross sections16 mm²
Construction/operationMechanic one hand
TL180 mm

• For cutting Cu/Al cables, fine and multi-wiring
• Chrome vanadium steel, plug-on handles
• Insulating function in upper head area
• Cable measuring function thanks to the 180 degree crossover of the legs
• Not for solid conductors
• Data, telephone and control cable, maximum Ø 8 mm
• Cu single wire, maximum 16 mm²
• Cu fine wire, maximum 16 mm²
• Cu multi-wire, maximum 16 mm²
• Al single wire, maximum 16 mm²
• Al multi-wire, maximum Ø 8 mm = 16 mm²