Data sheet
HAUPA seal
Art.No. 216622

Battery powered crimping tool „AC42-12“

Battery powered crimping tool „AC42-12“
mm²10 - 400 mm²
TL430 mm
Compression shapeUniversal (exchangeable inserts)
Suitable forVarious applications

2 step hydraulic for replaceable pressing dies, crimping head can be rotated by 180°, can be opened, with quick opening, manual return after completed pressing, LED to check battery status.
Included in delivery: 1 crimping tool, 1 charger, 1 battery, 1 carry strap, in plastic case, without dies.

• Pressing force in kN: 120
• Working pressure in bar: 700
• Opening/ Hub: 42 mm
• Pressing width: wide
• Cable lugs: standard Cu 10-400
• DIN Cu 10-300 • DIN Al 16-240
• Connectors: standard Cu 10-400
• DIN Cu 10-300 • DIN Al 16-240
• Pressing time, battery-operated in sec.: 7 - 13
• Battery charging time in min.: 60
• Battery type: Li-Ion, 18 V, 4 Ah
• Dual-piston pump
• Weight in kg: 8,5
• Weight of set in kg: 13

With the different colours of the sensor LED, it shows whether the pressing has been completed successfully or which errors have occurred:
Light is green: Pressing completed as standard, motor stopped
Light is orange: Battery voltage not sufficient
Light is red: Pressing interrupted before completed

The device also has 2 white LED designed to illuminate the working area.