Voltage tester “Basic +”

The two-pole voltage tester reliably indicates direct and alternating voltages within a range of 6 to 400 V in 7 intervals per LED (6, 12, 24, 50, 120, 230 and 400). The electronics also enable the determination of polarity and the phase to protective conductor. The “Basic +” is characterised by a userfriendly construction and robust housing that ensures long operational life. The rubberised handles offer non-slip hold. The “Basic +” operates without batteries. It takes its operating voltage from the test object.


Functions and benefits

• User-friendly and robust

• Voltage range up to 400 V AC/DC

• Phase search to protective conductor


Technical data „Basic +“

Display: Optical, 8 LEDs

Over-voltage category: CAT III 400 V

Dimensions: 210 x 60 x 30 mm

Weight: 100 g

Colour: Red/black

Accessories (optional): Carry bag

Voltage range: 6 - 400 V AC/DC

Housing: High quality plastic with rubberised handle area

Quantity Art.No. EAN Type of testVoltage indicationVoltage measuring rangeTLInternal base loadLoad switchableIndication of direction of field rotationSingle pole phase indicationContact less voltage detectionVoltage measurement rangeData holdBackground lighting LC-indicationTest prod protectionMeasuring point lightningCurrent supplyMeasuring circuit categoryPU
103800 4011923172657 2-pole LED 6 - 400 210 mm Yes No No No No 6 - 400 V No No Yes No Battery CAT III 1