Voltage tester “Profi LCDplus II”

The “Profi LCDplus II” is the new top model in our tried and tested professional series. The innovative two-pole voltage tester is characterised by a wide performance spectrum and practical one-handed operation. It enables testing without finger contact and, thanks to the high CAT IV 1000 V safety level, is suitable with immediate effect for taking measurements on hybrid and electrical vehicles as well as for photovoltaic systems.

Functions and benefits
• Highest CAT IV 1000 V safety level
• Large, illuminated LCD
• Voltage display up to 1000 V AC and 1400 V DC
• Resistance measurement up to 1999 Ω
• Frequency display up to 1000 Hz

Technical data „Profi LCDplus II“
Display: Optical, LCD
Measuring range: Automatic
Over-voltage category: CAT IV 1,000 V
Dimensions: 300 x 75 x 20 mm
Weight: 270 g
Colour: Red/black
Voltage range: 3–1000 V AC (TRMS/RMS) 4–1400 V DC
Scope of delivery: Including batteries
Accessories (optional): Carry bag

Quantity Art.No. EAN Type of testVoltage indicationVoltage measuring rangeTLResistance indicationInternal base loadLoad switchableIndication of direction of field rotationResistance test rangeSingle pole phase indicationContact less voltage detectionVoltage measurement rangeData holdBackground lighting LC-indicationTest prod protectionMeasuring point lightningCurrent supplyMeasuring circuit categoryPU
103826 4011923574758 2-pole LCD 3 - 1000 300 mm Optic/acoustic No Yes Yes 0.1 - 199.9 kOhm Yes No 3 - 1000 V Yes Yes Yes Yes Battery CAT IV 1