Deep hole marker

Marker and writing implement with a refillable solid lead, suitable for all surfaces (including dusty, rough, damp or oily surfaces) cap in a bright signalling colour with integrated sharpener. Also suitable for dark surfaces.

150027: spare lead 10 pcs.

Quantity Art.No. EAN ColourWaterproofPU
150025 4011923548650 Black No 1
150027 4011923558574 Black No 1

Deep-hole marker 2-in-1 with a sharpener

One pen – two functions

With a cap: Retractable pencil for precise marking and writing

Without a cap: Deep-hole marker for drilling and installation tasks


• Very stable, with a practical clip

• Sharpener integrated into the push-button

• Graphite universal refill for marking on rough and smooth surfaces

• Ergonomic, triangular form

• Preserves resources and is environmentally-friendly

• Designed for various refills for almost all surfaces and materials

Quantity Art.No. EAN LengthColourTip ShapePU
150044 4011923058203 155 mm black Round Tip 1
150045 4011923624330 125 mm 6