Basic unit

Basic unit to accommodate bending, hole-making, cutting and cranking tools.
The processing of lamellar copper rails is possible! Hydraulic tool for connection to a hydraulic pump with 700 bar (10,000 PSI).
The universal tool system is particularly suited for use in workshops and on building sites. Copper and aluminium rails can be processed up to dimension of 12 x 120 mm. The changing of the individual tools is carried out in seconds thanks to the user-friendly construction. The compact construction and light weight enable transportation in any car.

Thanks to an integrated proximity switch a 100% repeat accuracy is achieved.
The maximum bending angle is 110°.

The height-adjustable table with side stopper makes working easier. Marking out and measuring is not necessary. Holes from 6.5 to 21.0 mm in diameter can be punched. Slotted holes up to 14 x 20 mm.
With the hole tool II holes can be made in lamellar copper rails and grounding bands.

Our cutting blade geometry enables clean and burr-free cutting.

The offsetting (stepped bending) by a material thickness is carried out in a single process.

Quantity Art.No. EAN Nominal pressureConstruction/operationPU
216770 4011923523695 700 bar Electro-hydraulic pump 1